E Cigarette Troubleshooting Guide

Despite tremendous improvements in ecigarette technology over modern times, vaping still is not totally hassle free. We have come across, and we’ve plenty of vaping expertise here at ELFC and solved the majority of the troubles you are prone to strike. This guide is going to go through a few of the very typical problems vapers have with their e-cigarettes and cheap e liquid, and so what can be achieved to defeat them.


It might seem straightforward, but check in the event the battery is dead. If so, get it charged.

Examine the connection between battery and your atomizer, the 510 pin may need fixing to produce a connection that is good, or the contacts might need to be cleaned.

Is the resistance of your mod inside the specifications of your coil? Otherwise, change to a lower or higher ohm coil.

In case your atomizer features a short circuit assess.

Issue: Lousy vapour production.


Is wattage or your voltage low? Steadily raise the voltage before you are joyful with the vapour production or wattage.

It might need replacing in case the coil you are using is old.

Vapour production cans raise.

Changing to a higher VG e- vapour production will be increased by liquid.

Issue: Burned or poor flavor.


Turn the voltage or wattage down. The wicking material wills combust.

Attempt a distinct e-liquid. E-liquid left out in sunlight cannot turn good, as can e-liquid over 2 years old. Additionally, high VG e-liquid won’t wick right in certain tanks leading to dry hits.

Is the coil above a week old? Old coils can create a flavour that is terrible.