The Annals Of E Cigarettes

E Cigarettes came bounce on the scene some 8-10 years past; they epitomized everything amazing about anti-smoking technology and. They may be a secure, emotionally powerful and economic option to the monstrosity which is tobacco. But just because we’ve started to comprehend the meaning of eliquid, does not mean they haven’t been around for much more. Electronic cigarettes have existed for over half a century!


In 1963, Herbert A. Gilbert became the first known individual to declare and patent what he named a “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette.” Gilbert was light years ahead of the times, seeing as he was sung and educated in regards to the risks of tobacco use, both first hand and second hand. His patent described the manner the E cigarette used by replacing the burning tobacco and paper with heated, flavored, damp atmosphere. His theory was more emotional than substance – the E cigarette failed to include nicotine afterward- because he considered it was significant for society generally speaking to give up smoking.

Sadly for Gilbert, his efforts to commercialize the product failed and his creation fell into anonymity. Individuals were more than happy chain smoking their way and there was just no market or technology for this type of product. It’s not his patent that made it to the big leagues years after, although now, Herbert Gilbert is credited with being the primary person to patent an E cigarette.

Hon Lik

Chinese Pharmacist Hon Lik devised and patented the planet’s first commercialized E cigarette. The cigarette of lik included changing amounts of nicotine and arrived in a period when the international anti-smoking campaign was taking full throttle off. By mid-2004, his design was produced and sold in China; a month or two after it went international. Lik was inspired to develop E cigarettes after he watched his dad die of lung cancer.